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Kreate, Inc New KS T-Shirt Design 2017


The design of this year T-Shirt will be exactly like the picture above of the Dragon Ying-Yang pin.  It is now a Steam Punk design of the dragon.  The light brown color of the main body of the dragon will be the metal of the pin showing through and the wings will have the Yellow or black color with the background in the opposite color.  The T-Shirts will be the same design without the words and the Box & Ball Symbol.  We have continued with the Dragon Ying-Yang design because we only pay for one pin design.  The change in colors is not an extra cost for the pins.  This keeps the cost low especially for those purchasing the pins for global finals.  This pin set also trades real well at Global Finals so Kansas Team Members can get almost any pin they want to trade for.  We match the t-shirts to help with that pin trading process.

This year the price of the shirts has increased significantly and so the price had to go up.  T-Shirts must be Pre-Ordered by February 20, 2018.  Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, and Adult Extra Large are $18.00 each.  Adult 2XL and Adult 3XL are $ 22.00 each.  At the tournament if there are any shirts available they will be $2.00 more!  You can Pay via Credit Card or Debit Card by following the information below through PayPal.  The PayPal process has been simplified so follow the directions below.  You can also place your order by email to and mail in a check.  It must be postmarked by February 20, 2017.  Make check out to:  Kreate, Inc and mail it to KSDI Lohren Meier, 6757 N. Woodland Ave., Gladstone, MO  64118.  Please indicate in the email that you are mailing a check.

Cost & Pre-Ordering

The cost of the T-Shirts will be only $18 each sizes Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, and Adult Extra Large. T- shirt sizes Adult 2XL and 3XL will be $22.00.  You can order them by email and sending a check as stated above or with a credit card or debit card by selecting each size shirt below one at a time and clicking the Add to Cart button.

You can order as many shirts as you need for your team.  You will need to add comments when paying at PayPal to indicate what team these shirts are being purchased for including the Team Manager name especially if someone else is paying for them.

First choose your size by clicking the down arrow and click the Add to Cart button.  The next page you will go to you can increase the number of that size if you need more than one.  Then in the upper right corner of that page click Continue Shopping until you have ordered all the shirts you want.  It will take you back to the T-Shirt page of the Kansas Website to add more shirts to your order.  Finally click PayPal Check Out on the right if paying with a PayPal account or Check Out if paying with credit apart from PayPal.  Finally fill out or choose the information required and click Pay Now.


Please call Lohren Meier at 816-309-7856 or email him at if you have any questions.


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